ATSC 3.0 as a new and competitive broadband pipe: Examples

A list of potential ATSC 3.0 applications outside of conventional broadcasting, from the remarks of FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr At The 2019 NAB Show “ATSC 3.0: A New Broadband Pipe”:

  • Autonomous Vehicles: could send out targeted map and traffic data or provide large, fleet-wide software updates
  • IoT, Smart Ag, and Telemedicine Applications: could provide an efficient means of communicating with devices over wide areas
  • 5G: help augment coverage or add capacity by shifting data off of cellular networks
  • Consumer Media: could present a new choice for downloading data, including movies or applications right to your device
  • Broadband: rich media content to households that currently don’t have a broadband connection
  • Public Safety Institutions: to transmit and receive a 911 dispatch
  • Emergency Public Information: highly localized news and emergency information to a variety of devices
  • Public Safety Paging: can reduce the time it takes to notify emergency workers without sacrificing the security and resiliency of analog networks