FCC removes “Posting of Licenses” requirement

The FCC has removed §74.765, “Posting of station and operator licenses” for Low Power TV stations.

These paragraphs were the ones removed:

  • (a) The station license and any other instrument of authorization or individual order concerning the construction of the station or manner of operation shall be kept in the station record file so as to be available for inspection upon request of authorized representatives of the FCC.
  • (b) The call sign of the station, together with the name, address, and telephone number of the licensee or local representative of the licensee, if the licensee does not reside in the community served by the station, and the name and address of the person and place where the station records are maintained, shall be displayed at the transmitter site on the structure supporting the transmitting antenna, so as to be visible to a person standing on the ground. The display shall be maintained in legible condition by the licensee.

The fact sheet and Report & Order can be found here.