T-Mobile: We will compensate LPTV’s that have to move early

T-Mobile says it will voluntarily compensate certain low power television stations that operate on a secondary basis and are unable to obtain a permanent channel in time to accommodate T-Mobile’s rapid deployment of broadband service in the 600 MHz band.

In a letter to the Commission (dated today, 17 July), T-Mobile outlined what it will do:

Only translator and LPTV licensees that must terminate existing operations due to T-Mobile’s 600 MHz band deployments that occur prior to the Special Displacement Window are eligible to participate in the reimbursement program administered by T-Mobile (Supplemental Reimbursement Program). T-Mobile will not reimburse second-move expenses for secondary licensees that are not operational or are not validly licensed at the time they receive notice of T-Mobile’s intent to deploy, nor will T-Mobile reimburse second- move expenses for secondary licensees that discontinue operations on their own initiative or due to a third- party’s 600 MHz band deployment. The Supplemental Reimbursement Program is intended to allow eligible secondary licensees to purchase and install facilities that are comparable to those in operation at the time of receiving notice of T-Mobile’s intent to deploy; therefore, the Supplemental Reimbursement Program excludes costs that may be necessary to resolve mutual exclusivity among licensees as well as other ancillary or consequential expenses that might be associated with relocation. This reimbursement provision is also based on the current clearing process and timeline and may not be available if the timeline or process is significantly altered or delayed.

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