Clearing Target to Start at Ch. 38, Making 2 – 36 Safe

Secondary LPTV stations, you’re now safe if you’re at or below Channel 36, and there are no full powers or Class A stations to displace you. For those in areas where FP and CA stations exist above Channel 36, it’s also looking that displacement channel availability has increased considerably.

The FCC has announced that there is a new Clearing Target of 84 MHz, after bidding in the auction failed to meet the criteria for the initial 126 MHz and the follow-up targets of 114 and 108 MHz.

The auction will start up again on 13 December. If it fails to meet the threshold again, the target will likely drop to the next lower level. The clearing target for any subsequent stage of the auction generally will be the next lowest clearing target in the 600 MHz Band Plan.

Make note that Channel 37 is not used for broadcast use in the US.

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